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Judge M. James 
   Chaney, Jr.
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Drug Court     

Drug court is an intense, rehabilitative, probationary court which mandates inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, frequent drug testing, court appearances, unannounced home visits, 12-step program meetings, employment and/or depending upon the individual’s needs, attending General Education Development (GED) classes. 

Judge Chaney and Judge Patrick both preside over Drug Court team in Sharkey, Issaquena, and Warren counties, consisting of attorneys (public defenders and district attorney), treatment providers (medical and psychological), and law enforcement which includes the narcotics bureau and sheriff’s department, and Drug Court staff. 

Through review of background and social screening, and interviews, it is a team decision as to who is accepted into the program. The Drug Court staff along with the combined efforts of the team members, monitors, reviews and discusses the progress and needs of each participant. The participant pleads guilty to a non-violent, felony crime and is ordered to the Drug Court Program for 2-5 years. 

If the participant is able to follow the rigorous program and stays clean, their conviction is set aside and expunged from the record. If the participant violates the rules of the program, then he/she is faced with serving the original sentence given at the time of entering their plea at the state penitentiary.

For more information regarding the establishment of Drug Courts and review national statistics, go to the National Drug Court Institute at www.ndci.org. For more information regarding Drug Courts in Mississippi and the statute governing same, go to the Mississippi Administrative Office of Court


Please contact Maryam Aziz, Drug Court Coordinator  to refer someone to the Drug Court Program.