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Judge M. James 
   Chaney, Jr.
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Criminal Matters For All Counties     

Grand Jury  

During the week of Grand Jury, a day and time will be set aside for all defendants, who have bonded out of the jail relative to that county, to report to the courtroom of that county for sign-in.  The Defendant Sign-In Form will need to be completed and handed in at sign-in.  Click Court Calendar and go to the Grand Jury date of interest and a schedule for that week will be posted.


Any defendant who has been indicted with a non-capital charge can be arraigned by Waiver of Arraignment.  This form must be signed by the defendant, defendant’s attorney, the District Attorney, and notarized by a Notary Public.  

Trial Dates  

Defendants will obtain a trial date at their arraignment.  

Pleas, Motions and Revocation Hearings  

There are no days set aside for taking pleas or hearing motions.  To schedule a plea date or motion hearing, contact the Court Administrator for availability.  You will then be directed to contact the District Attorney’s office to ensure their availability.  If you are scheduling a motion hearing, you must provide a copy of the motion along with the Notice of Hearing to the Court Administrator. 


Judge Chaney requires all continuance requests be submitted with the proper motion and a hearing be scheduled.  

Evidence Presentation System

We are very fortunate to have the JAVS Evidence Presentation System in the Warren County Courtroom.  If you need to ‘practice’ or need a demonstration, please contact the Court Administrator.  

Should you wish to use a PowerPoint presentation, you must bring your own laptop.  Our equipment does not contain PowerPoint presentation program.

The JAVS Evidence Presentation System operation
is available for download.