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CourtCall Appearances     

CourtCall Appearances may be made for all non-evidentiary appearances including Pre-trial Conferences, Status Conferences, and motions hearings. CourtCall provides the equipment to enhance the process. It is Judge Chaney's hope that by instituting this service, your practice will become more productive and enjoyable so that the cost of litigation will be further reduced.

Counsel may make a CourtCall Appearance by serving and filing with CourtCall (not the Court), not less than five (5) days prior to the hearing date, unless permission has been given by the Court Administrator to allow less time, a request for a telephonic appearance and paying a fee of $60.00 for each appearance. There are no subscription fees.

A CourtCall Appearance is made as part of a Court's regular calendar and all counsel who have timely filed their request form and paid the fee may appear by dialing the Courtroom's dedicated toll free teleconference number, and access code which will be provided by CourtCall, LLC, on the confirmation faxed to your office.

A CourtCall Appearance is voluntary and may be made without consent of the other party, and the Court continues to reserve the right to reject any request. Please understand - NOT ALL PARTIES HAVE TO USE COURTCALL FOR A HEARING. ONE PARTY CAN APPEAR IN PERSON AND ONE PARTY CAN APPEAR VIA COURTCALL.

For more information or to schedule a CourtCall Appearance telephone CourtCall at (310) 342-0888 or (888) 882-6878.